Eminem Merch – Kamikaze Official Cap

When you’re just about to head out to go to see Jeff Goldblum and his Jazz band when you receive your official @eminem #kamikaze cap. I might need to change my outfit 😂

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Signed Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra CD

Signed CD and ticket to see Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra this weekend. 😍

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Alien by Vincent, aged 7

When your kid brings home a picture he drew at school (7 yrs old) 😂 I sometimes feel as though I should send him out with a disclaimer form. (No he hasn’t seen the film)
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1:6 scale Chester Bennington head (Hot-Toys style)

1:6 scale Chester Bennington head. 😍 Can’t have it until Christmas but got a quick look. Amazing! Can’t wait to make my own 1:6 scale figure.

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Inktober 2018 – Drooling

Inktober 2018 – Drooling

For #inktober Day 6 (yes, still a day or two later) we have ‘drooling’, and I couldn’t help but think about the #alienfranchise. This image, once seen, stays with you.

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The Joker – Heath Ledger Bust – US/Japan Ed.

The Joker – Heath Ledger Bust – US/Japan Ed.

I bought this not long after The Dark Knight was released, and the passing of the incredible Heath Ledger. The US/Japan edition was so much nicer than the UK edition.

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Rap God vs Rap Devil

Today saw the release of Eminem’s Kamikaze (if you’re old-fashioned like me, and don’t download).

Since the album dropped, MP3-style, the reception of Kamikaze has been insane. But this post is about Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track that surfaced three days after Kamikaze dropped. In Em’s track ‘Fall’, he attacks multiple rappers, and in response to a few lines about him, Machine Gun Kelly, has released a ‘diss track’. He’s brave, or stupid!

My initial thoughts on MGK’s ‘Rap Devil’ was that it wasn’t bad, except the auto-tune chorus, I didn’t like that, but overall, initially it wasn’t bad. But the more I listened it, it sounded childish, with no real content to back it up with, and with pretty poor delivery. He spits well, but let’s face it, he’s not the Rap God.

JayBlac points out, ‘he’s young, Eminem, he doesn’t know what he’s sayin’ … MGK doesn’t know what he’s doin’ right now, bro.’ Orlando Rob also reacts, ‘the one thing with Eminem, you don’t wanna get personal…so all these young dudes out there, that are tryin’ to get back at Eminem for callin’ them out, Imma tell you right now, keep it with the music…if not, Eminem’s gonna end you … Machine Gun Kelly, he’s gonna dig into your past, and he’s going to end you, even though technically, you never started.’ The favourite term being thrown around here is ‘white on white crime’, this thing is only just startin’, and I’ll be honest, I’m stupidly excited to see where this goes.

We have to remember where Em comes from, where he started. He was B-Rabbit, he was on the streets taking part in battle raps. MGK hasn’t got a chance – he gave it good, but not good enough.

If you’re gonna critique me
You better at least be as good or better – ‘Fall’ by Eminem

‘Rap Devil’ has mixed messages too. Em knows straight what he wants to say and he says it. MGK can’t make his mind up whether he admires Em or not. The more you listen to ‘Rap Devil’, the more it sounds like a love letter to Eminem in disguise. The one thing that troubled me more than anything though was the level of ageism. MGK is clearly unaware that he’s going to age too. What I can say for certain is that when he’s 46 it is highly unlikely he will rapping in the mainstream, and no matter how old he is, he won’t ever be doing it the way that Em does it. He should retire now if his goal is to conquer the rap god.

Just remember, I was here before you
And I’ll be here after you make your run-in for you – ‘Fall’ by Eminem

So why did this all start? Em has always been protective of his daughter, and most fathers would be pissed if some punk-ass guy was leching over his 16 year old daughter  – keeping in mind that Em’s daughter was classed as underage at the time too.

So what’s going to happen now? Hip Hop is known for it’s diss tracks and beefs, but in the industry, everyone knows who not to mention, merely because of the impact it will have on their career (and that’s a negative, not a positive). We’re all sitting on the edge of seats right now.

In ‘Rap Devil’, MGK thanks Em for introducing him to all his fans – that’s not something to celebrate, we’re waiting for the lyrical ass-kicking, we’re not going to suddenly buy your record.

Will Em respond?

RediKnow lists the following as possibilities:

  1. Eminem ignores it – though highly unlikely.
  2. 50Cent & D12 invite themselves into the Battle as this has happened before – Bizarre (D12) has already responded ‘I think it was good … I think he stayed up all night, wrote the best possible bars that he possibly could … but boy, the repercussions … that boy gonna do you summin’ nasty. You better stop playin’ with that boy’
  3. Kamikaze victims collaborate – again, highly unlikely as they all know that they can’t out-rap Em.
  4. Eminem responds and shreds MGK career – Many believe this is the most likely outcome and that MGK’s career will not survive.

So, quite a bit of pressure on Em, but his track record for destroying people in his music is so extensive that we have no doubts that this will just be another nail in the coffin.