Rap God vs Rap Devil

Today saw the release of Eminem's Kamikaze (if you're old-fashioned like me, and don't download). Since the album dropped, MP3-style, the reception of Kamikaze has been insane. But this post is about Machine Gun Kelly's diss track that surfaced three days after Kamikaze dropped. In Em's track 'Fall', he attacks multiple rappers, and in response to a … Continue reading Rap God vs Rap Devil


Eminem – Greatest in the World, No Lie, He Might Be

Wha! I hadn't even had my cuppa in bed when I read that the God of rap had only gone and dropped a surprise album. Em simply posted a picture of the album cover on social media and exclaimed not to have overthought this one - I was not ready for this! I wanted to … Continue reading Eminem – Greatest in the World, No Lie, He Might Be

Mike Shinoda’s Post Traumatic is my Healing Record

POST TRAUMATIC IS A SPECTACULAR POST-TRAUMATIC ALBUM. A HEALING RECORD. Mike Shinoda released his new album Post Traumatic, today, and is being consumed by many eager fans right now. The album starts with the three tracks he released as the EP a few months back, opening with 'Place to Start' - a really obvious and perfect introduction to his journey. However, like many Linkin Park fans, 'Over Again' is where it truly starts. We relate to it in a very anomalous way.