Hail to the King: Bruce Campbell Greets Fans at Forbidden Planet

Groovy by name, and groovy by nature. Bruce Campbell turned up in London, March 13th, to promote and sign a copy of his book and fan merchandise. He didn’t disappoint.

Picture Credit: Jon Cloutman-Green

Bruce Campbell Signing at Forbidden Planet, London Megastore, March 13, 2018

This signing was to be a family affair, but due to my husband putting his back out two days before (and it being recommended for him not to travel), our six-year-old stepped into his dad’s shoes to attend the signing. Although disappointed by his inability to go, he was thoroughly proud when he heard what we had been up to.

It was 3pm and we had arrived on Shaftesbury Avenue at the London Megastore. The signing was at 6pm, and there appeared to be no queue forming as of yet. We looked around the store and purchased their exclusive Ash vs Evil Dead pop vinyl, and started a discussion with the guy at the checkout.

Forbidden Planet Staff

I had called Forbidden Planet in advance of coming, conscious of bringing a six-year-old, the long wait, and the distance we were travelling. The event was scheduled for 6pm until 7pm. I was a tad concerned about not getting to see Bruce, after having to travel all that way. The staff were amazing, from the first phone call to the evening of the signing. Whilst purchasing the pop vinyl I was informed that the queue was forming behind the store, on New Compton Street. We were given permission to use their facilities (should my son need to within the next three hours), and they would support us with ensuring we stayed inline. I was also informed that they were going to try and get Bruce there an hour earlier. That was a statement that I welcomed. We did need to use the facilities and all the staff were accommodating, so a massive big up for all the staff at the London Megastore.

Picture Credit: Jon Cloutman-Green

Well Hello, Mr. Fancy Pants

The queue was not too long when we joined it. The air was somewhat warm, and we stood in line chatting with two amazing women for the majority of the time, my boy delivering a monologue about movies he’s never seen, and won’t for quite a few years yet. There were strict rules of how the event was going to happen, which was in the best interest for everyone, to ensure that everyone got to meet Bruce. Initially, Forbidden Planet staff came around with printed rules, for those who had not seen them online, and then one of Bruce’s team came around and reiterated. At this point we knew Bruce was in store, and an hour early! The husband of one of the women I had been speaking to had turned up just in time, and we all started to shuffle up.

Someone called out that Bruce was walking down the street, and there with his entourage, he walked the line. My boy, waved, in awe.

‘Hey Kid. High Five! Down below. Too Slow!’

Well, I’ll be damned – I was now jealous of my six-year-old. Is that allowed?  The husband who had arrive just in time, asked if I wanted the photos! Oh wow, yes please. About 10 minutes later, one of Bruce’s team came to us and said they wanted to move us down to the front of the queue as they were aware he had been waiting a while, and that it was getting cold. WOW!

Once home, and browsing Instagram, I came across someone who had caught the whole thing on video. What was amazing was that it was Bruce himself who had told his team to get us down the front. Groovy!

Hail to the Chin

Once we got in, everything went so fast. One of Bruce’s team took my items, one member of staff – possibly the store manager – was aware of who I was (thanks to a tweet sent by my husband) and spoke to me, another member of staff took my phone to take photos, and then a conversation ensued with Bruce about my husband too, all whilst my boy got another handshake from the great man himself, the rest is a blur. He signed his book and my husband’s very old VHS cover to the Evil Dead, which he signed, Stay Groovy! (signature) Ash! He was funny and charming. He did, however, state that my husband should have come no matter what – and I think had the specialist not of stipulated her opinion so strongly, he absolutely would have.

A Big Shout Out

Original Video Credit: Jon Cloutman-Green

A couple of people caught the interaction between Bruce Campbell and my boy, and as a result we have captured a memory he will never forget. I can’t thank you guys enough.

You can grab your own signed copy of Hail to the Chin via the Forbidden Planet Website. Don’t miss out!


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